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bread slicers


In the online shop of SGS Gastronomy Supplies you will find a large selection of bread slicers at reasonable prices. The stainless steel electric bread slicer slices bread quickly and cleanly, so you spend less time slicing your bread.

Since the devices are equipped with a serrated cutting disc, they cut the bark easily and quickly. Crumbs fall from the perforated bottom plate into the crumb bin.
At SGS Gastro you have the choice between high-quality professional bread slicers.Table bread slicerorFreestanding bread slicer.

You will find red cutting machines for every requirement at this address. We ship our bread slicers free of charge to wholesalers, bakeries, supermarkets and many other high-volume companies and shops that are part of the daily business of cutting bread quickly.

We are also the manufacturer of this product, which we sell under the SGS Gastro brand.

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