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drinks fridge

Beverage cabinet (bottle cabinet)

Due to the many differences in beverage refrigerators, you should consider a few points when making your selection. These differences are not negligible due to technical details or dimensions. We should rate this based on the different number of bottles that can be stored and refrigerated. SGS Gastro has products in different sizes. You can see the variants with 1, 2 and 3 glass doors in the Munich showroom. If you wish, you can go online atwww.sgs-gastro.deshop. Our products, which offer high performance despite low energy consumption; It offers good value for money with its design and quality. You can also compare which drinks cabinet is suitable for your needs on our website

What are the differences between refrigerators and beverage cabinets?

In the catering industry there are many drinks that need to be chilled, e.g. B. Soft drinks, fruit juices, lemonades, fruit drinks, ayran and alcoholic beverages. Ordinary refrigerators are not specifically designed to chill bottles like beverage cabinets. Beverage cabinets are designed for cooling bottled beverages.

The bestdrinks fridge?

Chilled drinks are needed in 4 seasons. For example, beer must be at a suitable drinking temperature, because if it is not properly chilled, it will not taste full. The same applies to wines, which should be chilled as recommended. However, there is often a problem of space. Beverage refrigerators look like an ordinary refrigerator from the outside. But of course, most people can quickly tell the difference. The bottle fridge consists only of shelves for storing bottles and drinks. Depending on the model of the beverage refrigerator, beverages can be stored standing or lying down. At you can buy the drinks cabinet online, which you can select according to your wishes.

Why does the bottle fridge use little electricity?

Bottle coolers often come with glass doors for the best view of cold drinks. This is a big plus for the sale of drinks in the catering trade. Because convection cooling is used, the beverage cooling speed is very fast and very energy efficient. Therefore, bottle refrigerators consume little electricity. The reason why catering bottle coolers are preferred is strength and durability as well as energy efficiency. That's why the prices are often higher than on eBay, Media Markt or Amazon. Because catering equipment is designed for continuous use. In the hospitality industry, the door of a drinks cabinet is opened 200 times more often than a drinks cabinet in a pantry, and standard bottle fridges are usually at least 600 mm wide. Thus, the refrigerator can be easily installed in the existing space. Therefore, bottle refrigerators consume little electricity.

Special features of beverage refrigerators are:

  • Stylish and special design

  • Regular cleaning of glass doors is required.

  • Ideal for offices, restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, kebab shops and bars.

  • There is LED lighting.

  • There is no ice box.

  • Due to their volume, they are also suitable for gastronomy.

  • Sometimes the integrated display is used to show degrees, sometimes it is only determined by numbers.

  • How often does the drinks fridge need to be cleaned?

  • The bottle fridge does not need to be cleaned as often as a regular fridge. A drinks fridge does not necessarily need to be cleaned as often as a food fridge.

  • If only beverage cans or bottles are actually stored, the risk of germs or mold forming is very low.

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