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Kumpir Potato Ovens

Potato Oven Models

Kumpir stove modelsthat your professional kitchen, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, business need are for sale in industrial and professional kitchen market without compromising on quality. You can easily find the industrial baked potato oven types you are looking for on our website. Offered in varying capacities with two or three drawers to suit the needs of your business, these products are available in gas, natural gas and electric models. These products, which have a double insulated body and a stainless steel internal structure and drawers, also have a lighter. You can brand baked potato ovensSGS Gastrosafe to use in your business for many years. If you're telling where these baked potatoes are sold, you've come to the right place. Via you can call up information about the product group and make online purchases.

Prices for potato ovens

On our websitesgs-gastro.defind professional kitchen, hotel, restaurant, cafe and bakery models your business needs at affordable prices. Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose products that work on bottled gas, natural gas or electricity in different capacities. Thanks to their double insulated body and stainless steel internal structure, these ovens offer both healthy cooking and the possibility of long-term use. In addition, products with safety valves provide safe use. On our website you can quickly and safely buy branded industrial baked potato productsSGS Gastrobuy, which are also recommended by many users. For more detailed information on baked potatoes, contact our online sales consultants.

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