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Everything for The Catering Equipment Except Pizza Ovens

Advantages of pizza ovens for gastronomy

Pizza ovens for the catering industry get very hot. Unlike a home oven, an electric pizza oven can reach temperatures of up to 400ºC. The high temperature shortens the baking time to just a few minutes. The pores of the dough close faster and the aroma remains in the pizza in the electrically operated pizza oven. An integrated pizza stone, also known as a fireclay, often ensures even heat distribution in the pizza oven. You simply bake the pizza on the firebrick for the pizza oven without a pizza tray. Separate top and bottom heat and a timer for baking to the minute ensure the perfect method of preparation. Pizza ovens are compact and the space required ranges from small to several cubic meters. Due to the warming of the outer surfaces, sufficient distance should be kept from other kitchen appliances.

The catering pizza oven is getting hotter

The requirements for a pizza oven for the catering industry are high. It should offer space for several pizzas, have an adjustable temperature range and be easy to clean. If the bottom of the baking chamber is lined with firebricks, the pizza will not burn as easily. The manufacturer who meets these criteria for catering needs is the catering equipment supplier SGS Gastro. An SGS gastro pizza oven from the PO series is available with one or two baking chambers. Each cooking compartment has a separate temperature controller up to 400 degrees and is ideal for cooking different dishes. After reaching the baking temperature, the electric pizza oven keeps the baking temperature constant. The interior of the baking chamber is illuminated so that you can visually follow the baking process.

SGS Gastro pizza ovens have an outer shell made of high-quality stainless steel or powder-coated steel. Either stainless steel or aluminum is installed in the pizza oven. The baking chambers have a floor made of fireclay bricks. From the Mini pizza oven to the Grande pizza oven, you will find the right pizza oven for every space requirement at SGS Gastro.

A continuous pizza oven increases efficiency

With an electric pizza conveyor oven you can produce up to 300 pizzas per hour. The throughput speed is adjustable according to the weight and size of the pizza and is usually between 3.5 and 5.5 minutes when the pizza oven reaches at least 320 degrees.

Pizza oven: Higher temperatures with gas

The equipment remains the same for an electric pizza oven and a gas pizza oven. Gas-powered pizza ovens run on either natural gas or LPG. The floor is lined with fireclay bricks in the gas pizza oven. Temperatures of 400 degrees are reached in the gastro pizza oven. That's why you produce more pizzas in the same amount of time with a gas-powered pizza oven than with an electrically powered one. A mobile pizza oven on wheels is often equipped with gas. Such models resemble a stone pizza oven, but can also have the classic angular shape of a modern pizza oven.

How long does pizza take in the pizza oven?

Due to the high temperatures, you don't have to wait long for the pizza to finish baking. Depending on the temperature, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for a pizza to cook in the catering pizza oven.

Buy a Pizza Oven

Before you buy, think about how high your need for ready-made pizzas is. If you only need a pizza occasionally and you have other dishes on the menu, then a confection oven with one or more baking chambers will suffice. Two to four pizzas with a diameter of 24 cm usually fit in a baking chamber. Deck ovens and stone ovens are suitable for medium requirements. Depending on the workload, you simply cannot heat one floor in the pizza oven. Four to six pizzas are ready at the same time in deck ovens and stone ovens. A continuous pizza oven has the highest production capacity. Continuous ovens are available with one or more pizza belts.

How long do I have to preheat a pizza oven?

In order for the pizza oven to reach 400 degrees, you must preheat the pizza oven in good time. Renowned manufacturers calculate 15 to 30 minutes to reach the temperature in the pizza oven.

You must take this into account during installation

An electric pizza oven must be connected by an electrician, as this requires a high-voltage connection with a power consumption of 400 volts. A connection with extension cables is not provided.

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