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dishwasher models

Industrial dishwashers are indispensable devices of industrial kitchens. It is equipped with various functions related to the serial processing of works. The most important feature of dishwashers is that they have a stainless steel body. This stainless steel feature adds many more years of life and helps our valuable users stay on budget. With the certainty of you can own dishwashers from the SGS Gastro brand. You can find the guillotine type model among the industrial modelsdishwashersee. Dishwashers, which are among the indispensable parts of industrial kitchens, are a great convenience for hygiene in your workplace. With the security of a career in the kitchen, you can have dishwashers that will greatly benefit your workforce and your time savings.

Dishwasher prices

Undersgs-gastro.dereach dishwashers which is one of your most important needs for your professional workplace with different models and reasonable price options. Dishwashers with rich features and designs that fit your budget also offer energy and detergent savings. Under the adresssgs-gastro.deget all kinds of products your business needs up to 500 plates with washing functions.

What should we consider when choosing a  dishwasher?

When buying an industrial dishwasher, we must first choose the capacity. Under dishwashers can wash up to 500 plates per hour and guillotine dishwashers up to 1000 plates per hour. A basket full of dishes is washed, rinsed and ready to use again in an average of 3.5 minutes. After selecting the right dishwasher, the question arises as to which pumps we should buy, especially for models with a counter. In SGS GastrodishwashersRinse aid, detergent and drain pump are standard on all models under the counter. The rinse aid pump helps to draw your rinse aid in appropriate doses from the can. Suitable detergent doses are removed from the canister with the detergent pump. If you do not choose a model with a detergent pump and want to use detergent, there will be additional costs later. The flushing pump should be preferred in buildings with low water pressure. Models with flushing pumps automatically increase the water pressure to the desired value. Choosing a drain pump is important. If the electric dishwasher drain is higher than the floor, you should either reduce the drain by making changes to the floor, or select a model with a drain pump and ensure that the dirty water in your appliance is automatically disposed of. You can find more information about industrial dishwashers at

Dishwashers are manufactured to ensure both hygiene and work processes in industrial kitchens. Industrial dishwashers have the ability to wash many dishes within minutes. You can have industrial dishwashers at Undercounter and over-the-counter dishwashers are sold. Industrial dishwashers are made in different sizes and types suitable for powerful engines and your business. You can buy industrial dishwashers atsgs-gastro.debuy that offers the best prices and installment options on the market.

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