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contact grill

Ourcontact grill  from the brand manufacturer SGS impresses with its modern, compact design and particularly high performance.

With these high-quality branded products, we offer durable and efficient grills that are indispensable in your professional kitchen. In contrast to conventional grilling methods, food is cooked from all sides at the same time with the contact grill.

Many popular dishes such as  burgers, meat, paninis, focaccia or sandwiches can be prepared quickly and reliably. With a contact grill, food is evenly charred, crispy and cooked through in the shortest possible time.

toaster models

Much preferred for its ease of preparation, toast is eaten at any time of the day and is satisfying. It also offers business benefits. For this reason; Cafe, restaurant, takeaway and food and beverage businesses should have toasters.

toaster prices

SGS is the most recommended toaster brand in the gastro sector. On you will find many different designs and models. Products with a cast iron surface are the most preferred models. Thanks to the fast heating surface, you save electricity and thanks to the removable oil tank, you can also maintain hygiene. You can get it at with freight option and reasonable price within 1-3 business days. SGS toaster, toaster, CE certified toaster, 12-slice toaster, 20-slice toaster, 8-slice toaster, electric toaster, 16-slice toaster, industrial toaster, buffet toaster, double toaster, cheapest toaster, contact grill, double contact grill.