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pizza prep table

At you can reach the pizza preparation cabinets for the preparation of delicious pizzas that you can eat with peace of mind at any time of the day. You can thepizza table  with granite top and easy-to-clean features choose sizes that suit your, where you can find competent branded productsSGS Gastroreach, offers you service.

Why is the SGS Gastro Pizza table needed?

One of the most indispensable products of industrial kitchens are undoubtedly the preparation units. One of the most preferred products for those who want to prepare pastries like pizza, pita and lahmacun, which are among the most popular and preferred foods, is the dough preparation cabinet. The most suitable models for the preparation of pasta, preferred in establishments that offer collective catering services such as restaurants, hotels, schools, cafeterias and takeaways, are available to you on our website with different ones suitable for your business options available.

What distinguishes the SGS Gastro pizza table?

The SGS Gastro Pizza Table allows you to keep your products at the desired shelf life at the optimum temperature with an operating range of -2°C to +8°C.

SGS Gastro two-door pizza table is the most suitable dough preparation cabinet for industrial kitchens with its detachable ventilated compressor function.

SGS gastro pizza table is built for long term use with its adjustable stainless steel shelf slots, plastic coated inner shelf and stainless steel body. It has the characteristic of easy cleaning.

Prices for pizza table

With stainless steel or granite top, 3 or 2 doors and/or drawers. Various pizza table options are waiting for you on The pizza table, which you can use for many years with its stainless steel fittings, also offers you an easy cleaning function. this onepizza table, which has more beautiful properties than the others, you can order from, with free shipping and at low prices between 1-3 working days. 

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